San Pedro Square is one of the most picturesque squares in the Historical Center, in it, we can find a work of art of the sculptor and painter Enrique Grau, two figures made of bronze, one of them is San Pedro and the other is a slave.


The flavor of Cartagena is in its streets which have curious names. Las Damas, Arzobispado, Estanco del Tabaco, Don Sancho, Santísimo, Tumbamuertos, Amargura, Baloco, each has a unique story.

Rafael Nuñez House-Museum

Rafael Núñez is considered the great thinker of El Cabrero, other call his the reformer. This man was president of Colombia four times, he was a statesman, journalist, romantic and author of the political constitution of 1886 and he wrote the lyrics of ...

San Felipe Castle

To visit San Felipe Castle is a mandatory walk in Cartagena, this place is an unparalleled monumental piece of military engineering in America. This tourist attraction will make you come into contact with history of the city. Its first stage dates to 1656...