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Hay Festival Cartagena de Indias

  • by Fundación Hay Festival Colombia
Hay Festival Cartagena de Indias
«Every year in late January, Cartagena pays homage to literature during the Hay Festival, one of the most important international literary festivals in the country. Attendees enjoy novels and poems as well as plays, exhibitions, workshops, and conferences. his event, also held in other countries, lasts for four days during the last week of January, and brings together writers, journalists, poets, musicians, and artists from Colombia and other countries in Latin America and around the world. In addition to adult-oriented discussion groups and seminars, the Hay Festival organizes activities for children such as the Festivalito, the National Short Story Competition, and a variety of workshops.»: Colombia Travel

It is the eighteenth edition of Hay Festival in Cartagena de Indias, and they want to celebrate this birthday with all of you and a programme full of events. More than 180 authors from 21 countries will have conversations between the 26 and 29 of January, 2023.